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Search engine optimizationis a form of optimizing the website so that it can be easily crawled and indexed to generate more traffic and ranking on the top of search engine result pages .The better ranking  on search engine result pages it is more likely to get attracted and clicked.The primary aim of SEO is to attract organic traffic to a website by ensuring it appears prominently in SERPs  for relevant search queries. SEO involves number of optimization processes.

There are three type of optimization:

types of search engine optimization


This is the basic level of optimizing website for search engine bots  to recognize our website.Technical SEO deals with the backend of website and ensures all technical aspects of website are well maintained  and are easily crawlable by  bots.Search  engine bots need to crawl and  index website content for ranking.

-One of the key aspect of technical SEO is to  increase website speed ensure that website  load quickly for both users and search engine bots.Choose mobile friendly design,minify and compress codes.

-With the increasing use of  mobile devices,search engine prioritize mobile friendly website’s in their ranking.Website should be responsive and provide best user experience across various devices.

-Technical SEO ensures websites robots.tx files allows  search engine bots to crawl pages.

-Schema markup provides additional context to search engines about the content on a website.Implementing schema markup for relevant content types such as articles,products, reviews can positively impact visibility in search engine.

-Switching to HTTPS encryption not only  enhances website security but also supports ranking .It is essential to install SSL certificate and ensure URL is redirected to HTTPS version.

-Creating and submitting XML sitemap to search engines helps them to discover and index website more easily.

-Canonical tags are used to specify the preferred  versions of a web page when multiple versions exist. Canonicalization  helps prevent duplicate content issues.

Technical SEO has great impact on websites performance.All this factors make our website user friendly and increases the traffic .If this area is not optimized  and users get annoyed of any factors  it increases bouncing rate and affect ranking of the website.

This a process of optimizing web pages and contents  for ranking on the top of SERPs .This is the most important part of website optimization. This includes  URL  optimization,image and content,keyword optimization,head tag optimization,open graph optimization,internal and external linking etc.

-Keyword research is the main step of on page SEO .Identifying relevant keywords and phrases that users are likely to use when searching for information related to your website’s content.It should have high search volume and low competition.

-Optimizing Title Tags is next step in optimization.Title tag appear as the clickable headline in search engine results  and should be compelling to users.

-Create concise and informative Meta description that summarizes content of page.Meta description do not directly influence ranking but influences ranking.

-Using heading tags(H1 for main heading and H2,H3 for sub headings) to provide structure to content.Include target keyword in headings this help search engines to understand relevance of the page.

-Next is content optimization create high quality relevant contents.Content should be well written ,organized,include variation of keywords.Content is the key aspect of ranking.Make sure to upload unique and relevant contents.

-image optimization by using descriptive filename,alternative texts with variations in keywords. Image optimization improves website loading speed,accessibility,enhances user experience.

-Find broken links in your site. If you have attached any outside link to your site consistently check that link is not broken .


Off page optimization is the optimization activities done  out side the website for a better  ranking and visibility in search engine result pages.Website can be promoted through social medias ,guest posting ,link building,guest posting,forum submission  etc.

-Acquiring back links from websites with high domain authority is one of the crucial aspects of off -page SEO. This gives a signal to to bots that your site is relevant and trustworthy.Quality back links from authoritative domain can significantly improve site’s authority and ranking search results.This can be attained by submitting links in  social book marking site’s,forum participation, infographics submission,video and image submission,guest blogging,directory submission,article submission,social media engagements,documents submission, classifieds submission etc


 -Avoid over stuffing of keyword .Over stuffing reduces readability and violate search engine rules.

-Avoid content cloaking .Presenting different content to bots and users can lead to severe penalties from search engines.

-Avoid publishing duplicate contents across multiple pages.Search engines prefer unique contents.

-Avoid hiding texts or links in the page using white text or white background,tiny font size.These techniques aims in manipulating ranking and is violation against guidelines.

-Purchasing or exchanging link in exchange for money is against search engine guidelines and penalize websites doing such activities.

-Using automated software or bots to acquire back links can harm websites ranking.

-Creating low quality web pages for specific keywords with the key purpose of redirecting to other websites ranking.

-Avoid content scraping.Copying content from other websites and publishing in own website.Content scarping violates copyright laws.

-Avoid over optimization like keyword stuffing,excessive internal links.Over optimization can make content appear spammy.


Good SEO practices are known as white hat techniques that aligns with search engine guide lines.These practices increases websites visibility,credibility and rankings  in search engine result pages.

-Create high quality relevant contents.Focus on providing informative ,engaging contents.

-Conduct thorough keyword research .Optimize on page elements such as title,meta description,headings,content etc.

-Design and structure your website to be user friendly and easy to navigate.Ensure fast loading,mobile responsiveness.

-Focus on creating high quality links from highly authoritative sites.Prefer natural and organic link acquisitions rather than buying and exchanging links.

-Ensure website is technically optimized.

-Monitor key performance metrices such asorganic traffic ,rankings,click through rate and analyse areas to be polished and work accordingly.

By following these good SEO practices you can build a strong foundation for your website’s visibility and rankings.

SEO gives a higher ranking in search engine result pages and increase visibility making it more likely that users.SEO attract highly targeted traffic.SEO increases website’s credibility and trustworthiness.Compared to SEM  SEO  is cost effective strategy t drive traffic to website.Unlike paid advertisement SEO ranking is longer lasting.With on going optimization and maintenance you can continue to benefit from organic search for an extended period.


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